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Where is the time going? Another week has flown by in Base 4, a week filled with plastic projects, science, dodgeball fun and lots more! I think you will all need to put your feet up this weekend!
In English, the children have been really getting to grips with their letter writing- we are planning to write to our local MP to ask for support to raise awareness about the impact plastics have upon our environment. The children have decided that they want to begin by doing a plastic clean up in the village, contact newspapers and share their work far and wide! Well done Base 4 — I am really proud of the way you have taken control of this project.
In maths we have been looking at problem solving, finding percentages of amounts and linking this to the fraction and decimal knowledge we have. Year 6 have been investigating shapes, looking closely at a range of reasoning problems and continued their arithmetic work. The children have also been busy battling together on times tables rock stars- the concentration was the battle is on is amazing!
We have thoroughly enjoyed science again this week, now we have recognised the difference between dissolving and changing state, we have been looking at HOW we change a liquid to a solid. The children carried out different experiments to explore and discover this by themselves. They were very surprised when some of those solids which dissolved last week did not change state this week! We talked about what is required to change a solid to a liquid and the limitations that we faced in the classroom. It was lovely to see so many budding scientists so engaged in their learning.
We also had great fun battling each other in our dodgeball tournament- the teamwork and sportsmanship was wonderful to see.

Well done Base 4, what a fantastic week we have enjoyed together.

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