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As always, Base 4 have been extremely busy this week; creating, designing, building, planting — you name it, we have done it!

Our English is working towards writing a biography of Isambard Kingdom Brunel. To help us to do this we have used a wide range of reading skills to gather information. We found out some very interesting facts- did you know that his mother's maiden name was Kingdom? We thought that this suggested a strong bond between the family members as taking the mother's name was not common and, in fact, is still not common. We have also been developing our use of commas to mark clauses, taking care to look at the position of the main clause and also thinking about what we do if we need to link two main clauses. The children are becoming far more confident with this which is great to see.

In maths we have continued our work on problem solving, looking at more complex problems this week. We have decided upon the key strategies that are most effective at helping us to understand the question and know what to do to answer it. This has definitely pushed us this week but Base 4 love a challenge and , as always , they have risen to it. Well done for you focus on this Base 4.

In RE we have continued with the topic of Christianity and the way in which Christian's take care of the world, the environment and the community around them. They linked their learning back to our learning last term and the dissolution of the monasteries. We looked at the way monks lived and how they took care of their community, then we looked at communities today asking if they were still being taken care of. The children really enjoyed brining back their prior learning and used this to build on ideas around this new topic.

In DT we moved on to making prototypes and sections of our bridge designs to test which materials would join together to make the strongest structures. We looked at different shapes, materials and joins to help us with this and we all had a great time. We understood at we would make some mistakes but those mistakes could lead us on to better designs- much like the work of Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

Our PE lesson was great fun, playing team games and preparing for our sports day. We have been working on key spots skills and also what it means to be a team player which is so important. This week a raffle ticket was given to everyone in class because they had all done so well.

We have also enjoyed some Learning Journey time, publishing our stories and creating our eco-community designs for our books. We always relish this time; it is a quiet time where we can reflect on our achievements and enjoy the beautiful work that we have created. After these sessions we feel proud of ourselves.

Our lovely sunflowers have also been planted- they will be quite a show if the slugs keep away! We hope that you will enjoy them as you walk down the path and that you feel a sense of happiness from them as Wrenbury turns yellow!

As well as all of this we have also enjoyed our fabulous book club, zoom assemblies, a wellbeing lunch club, year 5 had a visit from the school nurse AND we even managed to have a little time to watch some of Brian Cox's Planets — we enjoy this but it always blows our minds!

Well Base 4- I think you definitely deserve a rest! Enjoy your weekend and I look forward to seeing you all again on Monday.

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