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20th September 2019 – by Mr. Lindop
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We've had a great week exploring our learning in Base 4!

We've been practicing punctuating speech in English. Base 4 showed off their drama skills and how well they've read and understood the text by creating human pictures of the crowd watching the Aurora take off. Some wonderful ideas about the different emotions the crowd might have shown. I had to share all of our still images – I hope you enjoy them! We've also looked at the features of recounts to help prepare us to write our own newspaper stories.

In Maths, we've been exploring 1000s and place value. We turned ourselves into a place value grid to help us understand what each digit in a 4-digit number represents. We've also played lots of games to help us both learn and practice our 6 times tables and challenge each other to find the largest and smallest numbers we can.

Our learning journey continues to focus on exploring and using skills as geographers to help to read and understand maps. We opened up some Ordnance Survey maps and learnt about 4-figure grid references. We also thought about what our local area means to us and drew our own individual maps on how we view our local area.

Base 4 also started their swimming lessons this week. I was hugely impressed with how well our children represented our school to the local community with their behaviour. They were a credit to WPS. We also have some excellent swimmers and all the children showed how far their confidence in the water had come from last year.

Finally, Miss Lake came in to Base 4 to teach RE on Thursday afternoon. She came to find me afterwards to say she was blown away by the children, who asked some incredible questions and had some fantastic ideas. Incredible work, Base 4! Great to see you showing your ACHIEVE behaviours by asking great questions and exploring your ideas.

Have a fabulous weekend and see you next week.

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