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What a great first week we've had in Base 4! We've been getting to know how things work in our new classroom and starting to explore our new topic.

We've created airships for our classroom based on our class story, "Brightstorm". We're really looking forward to hearing about the adventures the Brightstorm children go on and to finding out quite why we made the boats out of pictures of a house!

In Maths, we've been getting up to speed with TT Rockstars and setting our Rockstar status. It's great to see how many of the children are keen to improve their times tables this year! Keep on rocking, Base 4! We've also started to learn about how to read and understand Roman Numerals.

On Friday, we started some of our Learning Journey work, looking at the continents of the world. We started to research and learn more about Antarctica and there was lots of discussion about what Antarctica was made out of. Eleanor also explained brilliantly why is was so cold at the poles of the Earth, saying "it's because they are further away from the equator and don't get as much heat from the sun." Great work.

Finally, we've worked really hard to carry out our PE assessments. We can't wait to try and improve our scores through our PE and swimming lessons over the course of the year.

Have a great weekend, Base 4.

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