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What an incredible week we've had in Base 4! We've been continuing our learning journey by studying the history of South Africa and how the British Empire are linked to the country.

We have used drama and role-play to explore what happened between the two sides in the Boer War. We've acted as Boer farmers and British settlers, learnt about how the war started and even "met" Lord Kitchener, leader of the British Army at the time. I've been blown away with how the children have explored and extended their learning with maturity and really tried to understand how the war affected the people involved. Great work Base 4.

We've also made use of the warmer weather towards the end of the week. Having won an achieve award last week, Monty chose a class treat, so on Friday afternoon we had a PE lesson on football, in between getting lots of shade and water. A huge effort from all the children again, especially Eben who was always looking to get a tackle in or find space for a pass.

I also wanted to add a very well done to all the children in Base 4 who represented the children so well at town sports this week. We have some supremely talented athletes in our midst and everyone should be proud of their contribution to our school's great results.

Finally, in another week of good achievements, our children have been teaching and learning times-tables from one another over the course of the last two weeks — and wow has it paid off! We smashed our class record for our whole class average times table score which is incredible. What great teachers and learners Base 4 are.

Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy the sunshine (sensibly!).

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