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Curry, curry, curry! Who knew that curry was such an educational food! This week we have baked- making naan breads, we have used our maths skills to measure, to cost and to create increased amounts of our yummy curry! We have also used our writing skills to review the curries that we tasted- and I have to say the children have, once again, wowed me with their writing skills.
This week we have also had our spots day and I must say that I was hugely proud of my Base 4 children, they helped us to practise so well and the helpers did a simply amazing job- we really do have children to be proud of.
We have also completed an investigation into sugar this week- we carried out an experiment to show how much sugar was in a full sugar coke and we were shocked! We then explored other food and drinks, finding out how much sugar really was in the items we consume. This is why our homework this week is a food diary and we have pledged to try and reduce our sugar intake as part of our 'Healthy Mind- Healthy Body' week next week.
I hope you all enjoy another wonderful weekend in the sunshine and I will see you next week.

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