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We have settled really well in Base 4 and have already produced some amazing pieces of work. We are now fully up and running for this school year and have shaken off the cobwebs from the summer holidays! We need to keep this up next week to make sure we keep up this high standard!

This week in Base 4 we have had a fantastic week beginning to explore the Amazon Rainforest. Our amazing Amazon display is taking shape at the back of the classroom and we have begun to look at the many different animals that inhabit this wonderful environment.

In Maths this week we have looked at Place Value and have ordered numbers. We now feel much more confident and have improved our skills ready for next week!

In English we have looked at improving our sentences and how to fit even more awesome adjectives into our sentences.

On Wednesday afternoon we joined schools from across the whole world in taking part in Roald Dahl day! We learned lots of interesting facts and had a very quick draw along with Quentin Blake.

Base 4 also had the opportunity to start learning a brass instrument this week and worked very hard with Mrs Rowlands to familiarise themselves with their new instrument. I can't wait to hear what we sound like after some practice!

Have a lovely weekend,
Mr Sargeant


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