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We've been so busy in Base 4 this week that we've barely had time to draw breath (or take many pictures!). All of the children have worked so hard and shown brilliant engagement and willingness to improve their work — a great demonstration of our ACHIEVE behaviours.

On Monday, we were really pleased to be joined by Sandra and Michelle from Chance Changing Lives, our Harvest collection charity. They talked to us about the work they do and then Michelle stayed with Base 4 to talk about the problems with food waste and overproduction. It was interesting to find out how much this is affecting animals and their habitats — something we have been exploring in our science work — and what we can all do reduce the negative impact we are having. Thank you to Chance for taking the time to talk with us.

In English, we've been building up our work around Arthur and Maudie's race to board the Aurora. We've used our reading and inference skills, as well as some drama to consider what our characters might have been thinking at different points in our story. Next week, we'll be moving on to report writing about wolves, so get researching, Base 4!

In Maths we've been learning how to add 4-digit numbers using the column method. The children have grasped this really well and could remember their work from Base 3 brilliantly. We've also worked really hard to improve our layout and presentation of our work in our maths books, showing how much the children value their learning.

We've been putting together our parts for the Harvest festival next week. Thank you for working so hard to learn your lines and songs for this Base 4. One last run through over the weekend and we will be ready to share our wonderful service with parents and friends.

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We've had a fantastic time exploring the numbers 10 and 100 this week. Please enjoy the pictures from number...

Mr Lindop: Fri 15 Nov 3:41pm

An incredible maths week in Base 4. I've been blown away with how engaged everyone has been and showing how much we all value the work we are producing. Great work Base 4.We've been investigating the number 1914 all week, as this was the year that Ernest Shackleton set sail on the Endurance. We came up with as many facts as we could about the number, partitioning into thousands...

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