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It may be fancy dress day at Wrenbury, but that hasn't stopped Base 4 working incredibly hard on their art this morning. We've been finishing our ancient maps off, using a range of techniques such as shading and hatching with sketching pencils, ink washing and staining.

We've been drafting our non-chronological reports about wolves in English this week. We've been learning a range of different sentence structures we can use to get lots of information across to our reader. The children have really used their ideas from their homework too to help them get more ideas for facts about wolves which they can include.

In Maths, we've started our learning on multiplication, focusing on factors, multiples and factor pairs. We've been creating factor rainbows and investigating factor pairs using sweet boxes.

We've also been swimming again this week and again, Base 4 are showing a great improvement week-to-week. Our confidence and technique is growing each week and it's fantastic to see the effort the children are putting in each week really paying off.

Finally, a huge well done for winning the attendance award for the second week in a row this week. I hope you all have a fantastic, restful week off and come back in November feeling refreshed and ready for lots more learning.

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R Charlesworth: Fri 17 Jan 5:17pm

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: Fri 17 Jan 3:07pm

A huge effort from all of our pupils this week. Everyone has been working hard to show our achieve behaviours. Very well done to all our achieve, star learner and reading award winners.Congratulations to Red Team for earning the most house points and Base 1 for winning the golden ticket with 98.5 %...

Mr Lindop: Mon 13 Jan 7:00am

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