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What a warm and busy week we have had in Base 4! We have worked extremely hard this week writing instructions on how to build a tepee. We enjoyed designing and making our very own tepees so much that we wanted to write a detailed set of instructions so others could make one too. We have been looking at what makes a detailed set of instructions and improving our own accordingly. The resulting instructions are fantastic and would not be amiss in one of our non-fiction books about the Native Americans. We have put these into our topic books and they look amazing!!

In Maths we have been recapping fractions and decimals with the Year 5s taking the jump once again into percentages. We have all worked very hard at this and are now able to convert between most common fractions, decimals and percentages. Well done!!

In the afternoons we have been looking at the cultural significance of Totem Poles to the Native Americans and what the significance of each animal meant. We then created our own class totem poles and we are in the process of constructing them. Watch this space for pictures!

Have a lovely half term you have definitely earned it. Don't forget that your homework (Due in on 9th June) is to research a famous Native American Tribe. You will need to find out:

  • Where they settled (what region of America)?
  • What kind of houses they lived in?
  • Their most remembered member and why he/ she is famous?
  • What has happened to them today?
  • Any interesting facts you can find?
    You will need to present your research in an A3 information poster just like you did for your Famous Explorers — use lots of colour. You can research your facts in school if you wish and there is A3 paper available if you need it. Remember — all writing must be done by hand but pictures can be printed off the computer or hand drawn.

    Hopefully the weather stays nice over half term — don't forget the suncream or you will end up like me, resembling Rudolph!

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