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Another week draws to a close and what a busy week it has been! This week we have been looking at the video 'Ruin' and discussing the landscape and setting for this story. We then came up with an internal monologue for the main character which discussed their feelings at certain points in the film. Following from this we read out our monologues and had them recorded to put in our English Books!

In Maths we have been looking at Angles (not Angels) and have been recapping the different types of angles and triangles. We then used these facts to help us work out missing angles in triangles and straight lines and can recognise that there are 180 degrees in a triangle and 360 degrees in a quadrilateral.

In topic this week we have been looking at Native American board games and had a play of Picaria — a game similar to draughts and connect 4. We had great fun playing each other before attempting to write a set of instructions on how to play it.

On Wednesday, we had the pleasure of a visit from the Road Safety team from GIST. John and Ian were lorry drivers from the firm who came to talk about road safety and how to be safe around a lorry. We all got to sit in the cab of one and we shocked when we realised that even though the drivers are high up they cannot see us if we are close to the lorry! We all learnt a lot and hopefully will take it on board over the summer holidays!

Finally a massive thank you needs to be said to Mr and Mrs Jones who have volunteered their own time every Friday afternoon to read with us and help us in the classroom. Your help has been invaluable and we are all extremely grateful for your help.

Have a lovely weekend and come in next week ready and raring for the final week of term! We cannot believe it has come round so fast!

Mr Sargeant and Mrs Winward

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