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9th February 2018 – by R Charlesworth
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Base 4 have had another very busy week. In English the children have been writing radio scripts to begin our own version of 'Mortal Engines' and these are truly brilliant! We then began to think about how we could now use description to further our story, creating a real sense of atmosphere. The children have been very excited about their writing and so they should be – it is excellent.
In maths we have been looking at fractions, decimals and percentages- how they are all connected and how we can use our knowledge of them to solve problems- the children have really engaged with this and explored the unit, well done.
We have also been busy completing two more topic pages; non-fiction writing and our geography page, these are looking really smart – these could be our best books yet!

The children have also enjoyed our cricket and PE sessions despite the cold! We have had a huge uptake to the netball and everyone is working very hard on all the sports skills.

Finally, we're very excited by Mathew's creation- using Lego he made his own version of the traction city of London, it is simply fabulous with the 'Jaws' and even the town of Salthook ready to be taken into 'The Gut'. Well done Matthew!

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