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Base 4 have been working incredibly hard this week during assessment week.

In English, the class have been building our comprehension work looking at David's journey to the station in Friend or Foe. We put ourselves in the shoes of the different characters in the text and used these character profiles to write a diary entry from different perspectives. It was hugely impressive how Base 4 used what we learnt about descriptive language and fronted adverbials to create some fantastic writing.

In Maths, we learnt how to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000 and practiced dragging our digits up or down our place value grids. Some children in the class were so keen to get the hang of it that they used their wet play to practice how to do it. It showed brilliant commitment to challenging ourselves which was excellent to see.

In the afternoons, we learnt about search engines in computing and how we can put them to use to solve some of the key questions about World War 1 which we haven't been able to answer yet. Base 4 were amazed to learn about how search engines rank the pages depending on the words entered and shocked that some companies pay to put their pages at the top.

Base 4 have also been working hard rehearsing our parts for the carol concert. Everyone now has their lines and can start practicing at home and working on how to speak clearly so that everyone can hear.

Finally, after a week with a few assessments in, we were very relieved that Sophie and Ellie were awarded with Mr. Lindop's reward cards for hard work. Sophie got to choose a lesson on a topic of her choice so on Friday we practiced our sketching and shading techniques looking in detail and black and white photos of the war. Also, and thankfully after a very long week, Ellie won a class reward of cake for everyone! Just what everyone deserved after a busy week of assessments, rehearsals and learning.

Enjoy your weekend Base 4!

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