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Another excellent week in Base 4 this week! I can't believe quite how much we have covered and the children's effort and concentration has been brilliant.

We have been learning about seasonality, eating locally and the environmental impact of what we eat. We've asked some superb learning questions about where our food comes from and why we import so much of our food when it can be found in season here. After discovering how the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons ate what they could grow and farm in their local community, we had a go at making our own modern version of a Dark Ages stew. Base 4 were great chefs and acted responsibly, practiced their cutting skills and made sure they thought about food hygiene too.

A huge thank you to Iona's parents for providing us with lots of lovely seasonal, locally grown vegetables and to Mrs. Pegram from coming in and helping us make it.

We've also used our thinking about food to start to discover what happens to our food when we eat it. We started to think about and look for patterns between different kitchen utensils and the shape of our teeth to start to figure out what each type of tooth does. We've also planned an investigation to explore this further which we are going to try out on Monday next week.

We've also been applying our learning from Maths for our cooking, learning about different units of measurement and converting between them.

Enjoy the pictures. Have a great weekend.

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