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This week we have carefully studied the ins and outs of the typical Roman wardrobe! We have been using lots of research skills, both paper and cyber sources, and have worked collaboratively as a class to pull together the information. The details of Roman clothing are more complex than we originally thought and there are very subtle, but crucial, differences we found between items such as the stola and the toga, the solea sandals and the calceus shoes! It is all nearly complete in our Topic learning journeys for you to see.

In Literacy we have really focused on sentence structure this week- and this will continue into next week. We have gone back to looking at the great ingredients needed for a super sentence, including adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions. However, some of our more talented writers have excelled to begin looking at adverbial clauses to open their sentences, for example. A big well done for the children's effort with writing this week.

Maths has seen us investigating Roman Numerals all week!
We have learned numerals from I-XX and then somehave progressed to learn up to L or even M!!! (Ask your child which they know :) ). Some of us can recite our current times tables in Roman Numerals too- we were very impressed at how quickly the children have picked the Roman number system up.

Some children have been using their art skills to focus on making a 'Roman Atrium' to contribute to their Topic learning journey work. There has been a focus on texture and differetn ways to create it.

In other parts of our day, we have been working really hard practising songs for our Christmas Service in church. Some are songs we know already, some are brand new and they are sounding fab already. I believe we are going to be performing a small selection of songs at the Christmas Fair on Friday 4th December. Don't forget to book it in your diary to come and join in with all the fun! There will be endless stalls and activities to take part in and enjoy- a fun night for all is set to be had.

This week, we as teaching staff have been carefully looking out for and celebrating those children whose behaviour and manners are always up to standard and those who are fantastic role models, not only to other children in school, but also role models pf Wrenbury School! There are many names that could be mentioned that are always striving for their best in every way, however this is a little reminder that manners, respect and kindness are the foundations to a happy time when learning at school. This is expected of every member of our class and so i Base 3, as well as the rest of school, we certainly strive for every one to ensure they are showing off just how well we can respect, listen, be kind and contribute positively to Team Wrenbury! Let's keep it up everyone :)

A BIG well done to Olivia and Annie for earning their well deserved star of the week awards today!

I can't believe how fast Christmas is creeping up but have another fun and safe weekend everybody.

Mrs Carden, Mrs Winward and Miss Smith.

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