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Another busy week in Base 3!

We were tackling speech punctuation this week in Literacy — looking for words we could use instead of said and also looking at how we could be more adventurous with our speech punctuation by adding adverbs and additional information to bring the speech to life. We finished reading The Sandal only to discover that it was a time travelling story and not just a story set in Roman times as we first thought. The children enjoyed the fact that it was the sandal that travelled through time.
In Maths we have been adding and subtracting mentally -we have needed to be confident with our place value to be able to add ones, tens and hundreds without doing a written calculation. Our times tables are continuing to improve, the children have obviously been working really hard at home! I am so proud of how well they are doing.
Our brass lessons have continued this week, we have learnt how to play notes and play together in time with each other — we are really starting to sound amazing!
Our harvest rehearsals have been continuing and we are looking forward to sharing our performance with you on Tuesday afternoon — we really hope you can make it.
Finally, the children have been working really hard in French with Madame Sharpe. Some children have chosen to bring their class work home to finish off the colouring in, if your child is one of these please can you remind them to bring their work back into school before Friday.

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