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What a way to end a wonderful week — snow and the Christmas fair — we're certainly all experiencing that festive feeling!
We have been showing off our instruction writing skills this week by writing 'How to build a Roman catapult'. We have confidently used imperative verbs and written detailed step-by-step instructions. We very quickly realised how many little steps there are that all need to be included.
In Maths, we have shown how much we can remember about place value, addition and subtraction as well as multiplication and division. The children all did themselves proud and were all able to see where their next steps were.
The children have learnt a new skill to this week; we have been stitching our Christmas decorations, which lots of you bought on Friday night at the Christmas fair. I was amazed at how quickly they picked it up and their perseverance when things didn't quite go according to plan was good to see. They were so proud of the results.
Friday brought the snow and lots of fun discovering how to roll the largest possible snowball. The children were all so sensible about keeping themselves dry and warm.

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