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Another lovely week has passed and what a lot of learning we have done.
In Literacy, we continued to follow Finn and Arthur's journey to Egypt and wrote our diary entries about how are thoughts and feelings have changed now we have arrived. The children have developed some fantastic language to describe emotions and really got to grips with how differently the two boys viewed the experience.
In Maths, we continued to look at time. The children have worked so hard and have really pushed themselves — they even started challenging each other by suddenly asking each other what the time is. I'm so proud of their perseverance and determination with time — now they need to keep practising!
We've begun looking at plants in Science, we began by exploring the school grounds taking photos of all the flowering plants we could find. The children were amazed at how many different species they found. Once we had taken the photo we returned to the class and I showed them how to transfer them onto a program called Pic Collage. They chose the favourite photos of the ones they had taken and then labelled them with the names of their parts. It was lovely to see them so engaged in their learning and using ICT to support their Science.
During Music we looked at the pentatonic scale and listened to a selection of music from around the world that was written using a pentatonic scale (a scale of just 5 notes). The children then improvised their own tune and played along with the songs. They were fascinated that their tunes sounded great even though they were all playing different combinations of the 5 notes.
We are very much enjoying our PE lessons at the moment so please make sure the children bring their PE kits in for their lesson tomorrow.

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