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Base 3 have had a great week to end this half term, but we are definitely all ready for a break!

In Maths this week we have completed some problems using multiplication and moved onto division both mentally and the written method. We are starting to get to grips with applying our times tables knowledge to a range of different question, including using the inverse.

In Literacy, we wrote a balanced argument about whether or not Noi should go out onto the frozen sea to search for his dad. Lots of different ideas were generated and written about using key voabulary and paragraphs. We all worked hard to make sure we used full sentences, extending them with different conjunctions and writing in paragraphs. After half term we will be finishing off our work with the Storm Whale in Winter by writing a final story.

In Science, we explored magnets further by learning about the different types of magnets. We discovered that magnets had different names and shapes, such as the horshoe magnets, the bar magnet and the ring magnet. We then put these magnets to the test by investigating which magnet was the strongest. To do this we used the magnets to attract paper clips and the magnet that could hold the longest paper clip chain was the strongest. We recorded our results in a table, ready to present in a bar chart and discuss the findings.

On Wednesday we had our turn with Captain Sally Morgan, solving many different Maths problems where we had to apply our Maths knowledge. Everyone very much enjoyed this opportunity!

I hope that you all have a very enjoyable half term and get plenty of rest ready for next half term. Don't forget to keep practising your spellings, read as much as possible, practise your times tables and complete your Maths homework.

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Miss Phillips: Wed 01 Apr 4:07pm

Base 3, don't forget to go onto TTRS to practise your times tables, do sound checks, earn coins and compete in the Base 3...

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Look at all the lovely spring flowers our EYFS budding gardeners have grown. Fit for a royal park! 😊...

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