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Everyone in Base 3 has worked extremely hard this week, but all of our previously learnt knowledge to the test and applying it in a range of different questions. I have been very impressed with how hard everyone worked, even when faced with a challenge.

In writing this week, we had to complete an independent piece of non-fiction writing. The children had already collected plenty of information about the Pacific Ocean so were full prepared to write about different aspects of it. They first planned out their writing by organising it into paragraphs about where it is, what lives there, the weather and the islands. Once they had planned, we were ready to write and everyone put pen to paper and generated a non-chronological report about the Pacific Ocean. We all tried to apply everything that we have learnt b changing our vocabulary, using conjunctions and using different sentence openers. The children then had to edit their writing with a focus on spellings, making sentences make sentence and improving sentences. Next week, in Literacy we will be having a look at some poems and writing our own rhyming poems.

In Maths, we started to look at telling the time. We all had a go at using the clocks and showing different times. Most of us worked on securing the understanding of minutes to the hour. Next week, we will continue with this by drawing hands on a clock to show the time, looking at digital clocks and then solving some problems.

On Tuesday afternoon, we got the laptops out for some computing. We started by exploring the programme Scratch to see what we could do. We then had a go at changing our Sprite to a woodland or sea creature and changing the background to link with the animal's habitat. Next week, we will be starting to programme our sprite to move around its habitat.

In PE, we practised our shooting skills. We played different kinds of games which involved us dribbling, passing and then shooting at goals of varying sizes. We finished of our lesson on the football pitch using the large goals to shoot at! We have really improved our ball control over this term.

Well done to all of Base 3 for collecting sponsors to wear a sill hat and run a mile and a half. Everyone did very well on Friday afternoon in the sunshine!

Next week, is the last week of term and it is a very busy one! On Tuesday year 3 and year 6 will be going to Brine Leas High school to perform the songs they have been rehearsing for Popera. On Thursday morning we will be heading to the church for our Easter Service and parent's evenings are on Wednesday and Thursday.

Please, please, please keep practising your spellings and times tables as well as reading as much as possible! All of them are really important for making progress.

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