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Base 3 have had a brilliant first week back after a lovely restful break over the half term.

We started the week off learning about mass and capacity in our Maths lessons. We learnt our key facts to start and went on to learn how to read a range of scales to determine how much different items weigh. We applied this learning to solve problems and answer reasoning questions. As a class, we have been working hard on our times tables all year, through times table rockstars, online games, maths of the day activities and even songs! This week it was evident that all the hard work the children have put in has paid off, as every child blew me away in their times table tests! Keep up the hard work Base 3, you are fantastic!

During Literacy, we continued to read The Egyptian Cinderella. This week we recapped how to use inverted commas and created our own 'steps to success' for speech to help us in our writing. We applied this learning when we wrote our own version of an extract from the story. Once again, every child worked their socks off and created some fantastic writing. Next week, we are going to be writing a recount of an explorer entering an ancient pyramid.

We have been working hard on our learning journeys in the afternoons this week, which the children are so proud of. Next week, we are going to be learning about the pyramids in more detail, thinking about how they were built, what they were used for and what they were made of. This will lead nicely into our Science topic of 'Rocks' which we will also begin next week as we investigate a range of rocks and think about their properties.

Keep practicing your spellings and times tables and make sure you are reading please.

I hope you have all had a relaxing weekend and are ready for the busy week that lies ahead. Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

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