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In Base 3 this week we have started to take a deeper look at Egypt! We looked at a range of artefacts and pictures of Egypt now as well as Ancient Egypt and thought of lots of questions that we wanted to find out the answers to during our learning this term. We then became detectives to see what we could find out from the many different clues we spotted in the pictures and artefacts.

We went on to look at Egypt itself, which continent it is in, what countries are around it, how big it is, and what the climate might be like. After we had discussed the map of Africa and talked about all the different countries we decided to make our very own human map of Africa. One by one the children were given a country of Africa and, as a team, the class had to help each other to position themselves in the right places to create Africa! I think they did a fantastic job!

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R Charlesworth: Wed 17 Jul 12:53pm

We are all beginning to feel a little sadness about our year 6 pupils leaving us but what a lovely surprise they received this morning. Freya kindly made them a very special garden, filled with lovely flowers and stones- this really made them smile; what a kind thing to do. Thank you...

B Cador: Tue 16 Jul 9:58pm

WOW! The summer fair raised a fantastic £1873.26 on Saturday with an additional £200 donated by the village shop.A huge thank you to FOWS and all who supported to raise such an amazing amount to help us continue to offer the very best for our children at Wrenbury. Many, many thanks for the very generous donation too — much appreciated. What a wonderful community we belong to!...

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R Charlesworth: Tue 16 Jul 3:58pm

My goodness — we couldn't be more proud of Max and Harley; they have been the most wonderful news readers! The children all cheered and thanked the boys for their interesting and engaging assemblies, speaking of their favourite memories which included: women's football, the red moon, solar eclipses and cricket! Max and Harley, thank you so much — you will be greatly missed but I know...