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What a busy few weeks Base 3 have had!

In Maths, the children have been learning all about fractions! They recapped their learning of what a fraction is, and thought about what makes a whole. They looked at tenths as fractions and decimals moving on to placing fractions on a number line. The children finished the week by learning how to find a fraction of an amount, using a bar model to help them. The children realised how important their times tables when they were solving their problems! Keep practicing!

In Literacy, Base 3 have started to look at a new book, 'The Flood'. The children were given the front cover and the first two pages, they then had to predict what they thought was going to happen in the rest of the story. Following on from this, the children have begun to think about writing setting descriptions, focusing on the various features that make a description effective. They have thought about using a wide range of vocabulary, using thesauruses to expand their vocabulary further, learnt about prepositions and recapped their learning of conjunctions. Next week they will put all of their learning together to write their own setting description of the first page in our book.

In Geography, the children have learnt all about the water cycle. We talked about the key vocabulary such as evaporation, water vapour, condensation, and precipitation. The children particularly liked our new water cycle song! Base 3 then created their own diagrams of the water cycle using watercolours!

In Music, the children have been using a range of instruments to compose their own piece of music to sound like the journey of a river. We discussed the different vocabulary such as, rhythm, tempo, and pitch and thought about how these could change depending on the different parts of the river's journey. The children designed their own music notes and with them created their own piece of music which they then performed in front of the class.

The children did a brilliant job with their research projects about rivers which they presented last week! I was so impressed at the amount of effort every child put into their projects and how different each one was! They look absolutely fantastic on display in our classroom!

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