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15th June 2017 – by Miss Phillips
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What a very busy week it has been for Base 3! There have been a few changes and different activities this week, but Base 3 have coped very well with this and kept their good standards of behaviour.

In Literacy this week, we first had a go at predicting what might happen next in our class story, 'Raven'. Everyone worked very hard on their writing ensuring that it was exciting and used a range of vocabulary. We then moved on to creating different types of poems. We first generated a big word bank that described what ravens looked like, how they flew and what sounds you can hear when they fly, we then used these words to create a descriptive poem to perform in front of the class. Next week, we will continue our work on Ravens and we will be writing about them in detail.

In Maths, we have been learning to love fractions by finding fractions of amounts using the bar model and an abstract method. This was a challenge but we all persevered with it. We also had a look at tenths and hundredths and began to use them in a range of problems ensuring we answered questions correctly. Next week, we will finish off our work on fractions and then move onto finding the perimeter (and area for year 4) of different shapes.

On Monday afternoon, we discovered the meanings that animals have in Native American cultures and how they use animals to create totem poles. We then selected an animal of our choice in order to create our own totem pole, which is looking fantastic on our wall. To create our animal drawings, we focused on using the correct shapes and then using pastels to add colour to our animals. We used colours that the Native Americans use on their Totem poles.

Next week, we will be exploring the human body in science, in particular the skeleton and muscles.

On Wednesday afternoon, Base 3, along with some of the year 6's went along to the open afternoon at Wrenbury doctor's surgery to show the year 6's health lifestyle art work they created and to sing two songs for everyone there to enjoy. It was lovely to see the children interacting with other members of our community.

Don't forget to keep practising spellings and times tables as well as reading daily to move up our reading ladder! Keep up the hard work Base 3.

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