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We have had an amazing first week back; the sun has been shining which always puts a smile on everyone's faces. The children have come back to school with a real hunger for learning; they are buzzing with excitement and are challenging themselves to be the best they can be.

In Literacy, we began our new book 'The Pharaoh's Charioteer' by Benjamin Hulme-Cross. So far we have met the main characters: Finn and Arthur along with the ghost of their great grandfather and a warrior ghost from Ancient Egypt. We have been writing diary entries as if we are Finn thinking hard about the emotions Finn would be feeling as he meets the ghost, travels back in time and arrives in Thebes. We are very excited to find out the adventures that the two boys will have along their journey.

In Maths, we have been working on time. We have been reading and writing the time to the nearest minute as well as working out the durations between two times. The children have been really interacting with this subject and are now always telling me how long it is before the next break / lesson. This is fantastic as it's all extra practise; being able to tell the time is a vital skills that they need to learn so your support with this is appreciated.

We began the History and Geography part of our Learning Journey this week, we have found our when the first ancient civilisations of the world appeared and where in the world they were. Also we have found out where the Equator and the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn are.

Our sunflowers are currently outside, enjoying the sunshine. We are hoping to grow them as tall as we are and transfer them into the school grounds. We are hoping that the weather is kind to them and we don't have to bring them inside again.

Finally, we had a lovely surprise on Friday when one member of our class brought in a fantastic collection of old bottles that they had discovered while having some work done on their house. We loved hearing all about them, we touched them and smelled them trying to work out what they might have been used for. One of the bottles had a company name on it so we researched it and discovered that the company produced furniture and household goods so the children thought it probably had a cleaning product in it at one time. Another was a blue bottle with 'Milk of Magnesia' on it — our research led us to believe it was from the 1920s-1940s. That is certainly a tick on the new passports for sharing a collection with his friends.

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