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What a great week we've had in Base 3!

We have all worked very hard telling the time in maths and writing a great character description. We developed our balancing and jumping skills in PE along with our football skills with Mr Ellis. With Miss Wing we explored the OS maps to identify different types of settlements. Our potatoes are currently chitting and should be ready to plant next week.

We have also been very messy completing our Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age houses using natural materials. We have researched them, designed them and made them using a range of skills including weaving.

Enjoy our photos!

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Image: 7A697A8E-DD4D-47FC-BBC4-49072AAF2DF7
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5, 4, 3, 2, 1....blast off!!! We have launched ourselves into space this week becoming superstar astronauts making our very own space station. The children enjoyed designing their own rockets using and naming various shapes. We have loved constructing rocket jet packs and control boards with our junk modelling, we then used these in our imaginative play. We watched a clip of a rocket launch...

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Results from the Times Tables Rock Stars battle for the week beginning 22.6.2020 are in!!Well done to Aston (yellow) and Ravensmoor (blue) who are our winners this week. The next battle has already started for this...

Mrs. Dopierala: Mon 29 Jun 8:52pm

Base 1 have had a fun week. We used some plastic syringes to test how high we could squirt water into the air. We had to figure out how to suck up the water from the water trays. Next measured how far the water went across the playground. A water fight developed as it was a very hot day. We have been learning about British birds. We made binoculars and went bird watching. After that we made some...

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