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Another fabulous week!

Monday started with a fantastic experience for Base 3. We were lucky enough to invite Professor Fulford, Professor of Archaeology at Reading, into our class. We learnt all about what is was to be an archaeologist, Professor Fulford shared his vast experience of working on the Roman dig at Silchester. The true highlight of the afternoon was being able to handle real Roman artefacts — we'd seen some of these artefacts as replicas but to touch the real things was a truly phenomenal experience for all. Thank you for giving up your time to enhance our learning Professor Fulford.
In Literacy, we began to look at the story of Romulus and Remus who were the founders of Rome. We put ourselves in their shoes by 'Hot Seating' the main characters. We moved onto looking at newspaper reports and how they are put together, including identifying the features within them.
In Maths, we continued our work on addition and subtraction this week focussing on problem solving and reasoning demonstrating that we were able to apply our knowledge.
Our preparation for our brass performance is in full flow with lots of the children signing up for additional practise sessions during their lunchtimes — I'm so proud of their commitment to this.

Thank you for your continued support with the homework that is sent home each week, it really does enhance the children's learning experiences.

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