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Base 2 have had a good week back after the half term break. I hope you all enjoyed the week off.

In Literacy we started our new book that will lead our Literacy lessons over the next few weeks. We came into the classroom to find some strange things on our tables. Our first job was to investigate the objects and decide what they all had in common. We had a bird nest, a bird box, the world, a boat, a plant and a shell. After a lot of discussions and explaining our ideas we soon discovered that they were all types of homes. From this we could then predict the title of our book. Once given the title, Home by Carson Ellis, we had a go at predicting what the book might be about. We have been learning to use 'and', 'but' and 'or' to join sentences together accurately and then applying this to improving sentences from the book. Next week we will be describing houses from the book and then moving onto writing a story based on a picture.

In Maths we have finished off working on addition. We have been looking at using the written method to support us when answering addition questions and problems. Next week we will be moving onto subtraction and looking at the relationship with addition.

On Friday I was extremely impressed with every child in Base 2 because they have worked ever so hard to learn their times tables! Keep on learning them, so that you become quicker at using the facts.

Keep learning your spellings and reading every day. Some children are starting to reach the top of the ladder and will receive their prize as soon as they arrive. Once a child has reached the top they are placed back at the bottom and can work to the top again! Well done Base 2!

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