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What a fabulous half term Base 2 have had! It has flown by and we have achieved such a lot.

We completed our topic books from Spring term, Where would we be without books? These look absolutely fabulous and I'm sure the children can't wait to show them off to everyone at home. They look great on our display in the cloakroom.

Our classroom was again transformed to fit with our new topic. We even have a special visitor who has joined us!! Paddington bear arrived one night and hid on the chair until the children started to notice him. Then his suitcase arrived full of marmalade, his scrap book and postcards from his Aunt Lucy in Peru. We have begun our new topic books already, with two pages completed and displayed on the wall around our map of Peru. Because we knew Paddington Bear came from Peru, we decided to learn a little bit about the world and South America, using the Atlases to help. Next half term we will be digging even deeper, finding out more about Peru, bears and much, much more.

The children have all worked exceptionally hard with their Maths, Reading and Writing producing some work of a very high quality. Next half term we will continue to refine our skills and keep improving.

We have a lot to look forward to next term, including Refugee week, open day, Sports Day and plenty of exciting learning.

I hope you have all enjoyed the sunny half term break and are rested ready for our final half term in Base 2!

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