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Well, we've had a lovely few days in 'Base 2' getting ready for next year and getting to know each other. We have played lots of games such as getting the hoop around the circle without letting go of our hands, fruit bowl and lots more! We used the mirrors to have a look at ourselves before drawing our self portraits. Then we used the watercolours to paint them and even used wool for our hair. They look fabulous, and will make our classroom look lovely in September!

It has been really nice getting to know all the children over the last couple of days and seeing how well they all mix and get on with each other. I hope you have all had a good few days. I am very much looking forward to next year and working with you all!

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B Cador: Sun 15 Dec 5:36pm

Christmas at Wrenbury has well and truly started:We've sung for Aston WI; at the Wingate Centre's Christmas Winter Wonderland and to our friends at Wrenbury Nursing Home;We've hosted a Christmas Fair with the generous support and organisation of FOWS and raised over £1000 for school;Children in Y2 have enjoyed a visit to Broomhall Chapel to meet the Nativity...

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Mr Lindop: Fri 13 Dec 3:21pm

Well done to all of our achieve, star learner and reading award winners this week. Also congratulations to those children who collected their prizes from the Christmas fair.Very well done to Eva too who shared her piano certificate with the school in assembly. Finally, a huge well done again to Base 1 for winning the attendance award this...

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Miss Phillips: Fri 13 Dec 2:19pm

What a great way to end our week! This afternoon Base 4 have been super teachers, teaching Base 3 all about forces and magnets. The children found out about the north and south poles of a magnet, exploring which poles attract and which repel. We looked at contact and non contact forces using iron filings and a magnet. We used magnets to investigate which objects were magnetic and non -magnetic...