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We have had another fabulous week in Base 2, especially discovering the next adventure that Traction Man has been on!

In Maths we have continued to develop our understanding of number and place value. We put our knowledge to the test when we started to solve some problems that required us to use our understanding of tens and ones. We have used both dienes and Numicon to help us answer questions and solve problems. Next week we are going to continue with number and place value with a specific emphasis on comparing and ordering numbers.

In Literacy we have been developing our understanding of words and applying these in our writing. We have been looking at adjectives for description, nouns as naming words and verbs as doing words. We have then applied these in noun phrases, sentences and a story. Traction Man has been on his second mission this week but this time he has been to save scrubbing brush who was trapped in the sink by the evil dishcloth and the terrifying bacon. We wrote the adventure that Traction Man took to save Scrubbing Brush! Every one tried very hard to include excellent noun phrases in their writing and ordered the events very well. Next week in Literacy, we will be looking at character feelings and reading the rest of the story.

In Science this week we finished off our Scientific experiment, discussing our findings. We then moved on to looking at different toys focusing on the materials that were used to make them. To sort our toys depending on what they were made from, we used a Venn diagram. We sorted the toys based on whether they were made from wood or plastic or another type of material. Next week we will continue to look at toys both modern and Victorian.

Next week, we will begin preparing for our Harvest festival that is coming up in a few weeks.

Well done to all of the children that are trying their best to read as much as possible and climb up the ladder, plenty of you are getting closer and closer to the top! Keep up the hard work on your reading, spelling and times tables!

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