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We have had a lovely and another very productive week in Base 2. Our brains have well and truly been put to the test this week with a wide range of challenges.

In literacy we became newspaper reporters and interviewed the victims of the terrible crime that took place in our classroom! We wrote questions to ask the victims and then using our excellent speaking and listening skills we carried out the interviews taking note of the responses. We then used these to help us plan our newspaper reports ready to write next week.

Our Maths lessons have given us plenty of tricky word problems using money, some of them had more than one step to follow and involved using two operations. Next week, we are moving onto statistics and we will be collecting data about our favourite authors.

The children are still very much enjoying their cricket and gymnastics lessons and it's great to see the progress they are making with these skills and their fitness.

On Thursday afternoon, we had a big challenge but we conquered it within one hour. We learnt how to play London's burning on the xylophones and we had a go at reading the music. Despite only having an hour, the children managed to play and sing the song by the end of the lesson. I was so proud of their achievements that I invited Mrs Cador and Base 1 to watch us perform it and everybody enjoyed it. Mrs Cador enjoyed it so much that she allowed us to share it with the whole school in Friday's celebration assembly.

I'm looking forward to another excellent week to finish off this half term! Keep practising spellings and times tables and keep reading to climb the ladder.

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