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I hope you are all having a lovely holiday so far !

Just an update on last weeks very very busy time! I ' m amazed when I realise the first half of the Summer Term is over!

The children continued to work really hard. Everyone put a great deal of effort into writing their postcards from Sunny telling his family all about our fabulous trip to Knowsley Safari Park. It really was a great day. Don t forget that this weeks homework is to send a postcard to. BAse 2 telling us all about your half term holiday! I can' t wait to read them all!
We had great fun in SCience last week learning all about the 7 processes of life. I wonder if you can remember them all ?
Mrs Nerg helped us!

M movement
R reproduction
S sensitivity

N nutrition
E excretion
R respiration
G growth

Easy! We also painted our favourite safari animals. We wrote some super riddles about our favourite animals too.

In Maths the children worked hard on answering various word problems . We realised how important it is to read the question very carefully!

Another big thank you to Mrs Goodwin who has given up so much of her time to help support the children in the classroom this term. I ' m sure she will be having a well earned break this week.

I hope you all have a fabulous week and I look forward to seeing you all refreshed and ready to go for the last half term!

Have fun!

Mrs CHapman-Brown

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