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We have had a great week back in Base 2. I hope you all enjoyed the half term break, everyone has come back well rested and ready to learn.

In literacy we have been poets writing poems about a storm. We have used some fabulous language to describe the storms including crashing waves, bolts of lightning, thundery clouds and many more. We finished the week with an independent piece of writing, retelling the story using the language from our storm poems to describe the weather. Next week we will be learning about Benin Davies and finish off the Storm Whale in Winter.

In Maths we have been securing our understanding of multiplication and division. We have been finding groups of and sharing, using the multiplication and division sign to multiply and divide mentally and then solving some problems. Some of the problems were making us think deeper and reason with our Maths. Next week we are moving onto measurement focusing on money.

We have continued with our Geography learning this week, we have looked at coasts around the world. We explored pictures to identify some of the different features; next week we will learn the definitions for the features of coasts.

Base 2 had a visit from Mr Barker who is part of the Bible Society. Mrs Clarke very kindly arranged this for Base 2 to allow the children to develop their understanding of the bible and bibles around the world.

Next week is our Reading Week. We have a lot of lovely activities arranged to enjoy a wide range of books. Don't forget that Thursday is World Book Day and you are allowed to come in dressed as your favourite character from a book.

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Mr. Lindop: Fri 14 Feb 3:08pm

A huge congratulations to blue team who won he most house points this week. Fantastic work as well to all our achieve, star learner and reading award winners.Finally, well done to Base 5 for winning this week's attendance golden ticket with 99.3%Have a fantastic half term. Don't forget your reading challenge, rest and enjoy...

Mr Lindop: Wed 12 Feb 9:37pm

Wrenbury's new KS2 school council met for the first time at lunchtime today to start work on their plans for the rest of the year.Our reps from Base 3, 4 and 5 discussed their role, how they will listen to their classmates and discuss what they would like to improve the school and how they will work together in meetings.The council decided they would elect a chairperson who would make...

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: Wed 12 Feb 1:47pm

We had a great week celebrating history throughout school last week. Every class used their historical skills to research and learn all about significant people that have made a significant difference to us. The children then presented their learning to the rest of the school at the end of the...

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