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We have had a great week in Base 2, everyone has been trying their very best and they have produced some fantastic work.

In literacy we have done so much writing! We retold the story of 5 Minutes Peace, making sure we usd exciting vocabulary and the correct punctuation. We have also started a new book, but we haven't discovered the title yet. We described the front cover and independently we described the little girl in the story. Everyone tried their very best to use excellent adjectives. Next week we are going to retell the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

In Maths we have been mastering the skill of division, everyone has worked very hard to understand the meaning of division and how to apply it. We all managed to solve some tricky problems as well. Next week we are going to be applying all that we have learnt to a range of different questions.

We began the week in Science by looking at the season we are in and filling in our seasonal changes booklet with the things we found. We then started to look at plants, in particular the poppy. We labelled the parts of the plant and discussed what plants need to grow. Next week we will be setting up an experiment.

We have also started our Nativity which is coming together nicely. Keep practising your words!

Have a lovely, restful weekend Base 2!

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