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Welcome back Year 2! It was so lovely to have you back in school with us last week.

In English, we wrote our own diary entries as if we were the Queen as we have been reading 'The Queen's handbag'. The children worked really hard all week and have produced some fantastic pieces of writing.

In Music throughout the week we learnt the song 'London's Burning' and sung it in a round. We then learnt how to play it on the xylophone! We talked about the different notes, rhythm and pace.

A huge well done to Ollie and Leo for being our ACHIEVE winners!

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Image: 3506516A-8D60-4F28-9D69-A0FED492406E
: Fri 17 Sep 7:30pm

This week we wanted to share our science and artwork with you all.We have been learning about the circulatory system and, after making our blood smoothies, we have looked closer at what is in the blood, what carries it and what our key organs do within this system. We have combined this knowledge with art, using range of skills to create artwork which represents this system. This is something...

Image: 12EB78F6-639B-456E-BC3D-E8CF23066458
: Fri 17 Sep 4:17pm

I thought I would share Base 2's outstanding portraits. Can you guess who they are? We sketched our faces and then used oil...

Mrs Charlesworth: Sat 11 Sep 11:53am

Base 5 it has been simply wonderful having your lovely faces back in the classroom, all refreshed and eager to learn. We have had a super first week back, filled with fun and obviously lots of learning! We have played maths games- you can see the tension on the children's faces; could they roll the digit they needed or would it lose the game for them? In our English we have begun our own...

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Image: 3506516A-8D60-4F28-9D69-A0FED492406E
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