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Hello Everyone!

It has been a busy week in Base 2...we have been learning lots of new things and enjoying our lessons.

Maths- This week we have been focusing on number bonds to 10 and 20. We are working really hard at recalling them quickly and trying to remember them without too much thinking time. Base 2 have also been using number lines to answer addition questions and we are doing well at placing numbers on a number line first. Ending the week we have had a go at place value and we will continue this next week!

Literacy- I am so proud of the children for trying their very best at the writing tasks I have given them, well done! We are all committed to making sure we remember full stops and capital letters. Also, we have used lots of very exciting adjectives in our writing and have enjoyed sharing ones we know. Year 2 have written excellent sentences using conjunctions! Can we keep this brilliant writing up? Of course we can :)

Science- The children loved starting their topic on weather last week and completed a mindmap of the different types of weather that they have seen. This week we continued looking at weather and watched a wonderful clip of a landscape through the changing seasons!

History- We have started to look at the history of farming and we were amazed by a farming book that Mrs Rowlands kindly brought in for us to have a look at! We learned all about a little boy called Aled and his duties on a farm.

Geography- The children have been great at naming the countries that make up the United Kingdom! We have even named the capital cities and learned actions to remember them. We have also discussed the difference between urban and rural settings and took part in a picture quiz to check our understanding. Next week we plan to concentrate on the rural settings more.

We are having a lot of fun with our learning and have read lots more of Charlotte's Web! Looking forward to learning more next week. Have a wonderful weekend.

Miss Davies

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