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Hello everyone,

We have finished our first full week and what a week it has been. The children have all been absolutely fantastic and have made me very welcome at Wrenbury. I am so proud of everyone and how they have taken to their new classes. Standing on the gate in the morning I see a sea of smiling faces and everyone is getting braver and more confident coming in all by themselves. What a great start.

This week we have been learning the new class routines, exploring our new classrooms and making lots of new friends. Below is a small selection of pictures to show all the fun things we have been doing.

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Mrs Turner: Fri 23 Oct 4:40pm

A few more photos of us exploring the pumpkins. Well done Little Wrens for settling into school life over the last 8 weeks. Have a restful half...

Image: 9351C6BF-67AF-4FF3-897A-99AE96ADF791
Miss Phillips: Fri 23 Oct 3:52pm

Well done, Base 5 we have made it to half term after a very successful few weeks. Everyone has come back to school working extremely hard in everything that they have done.This week we've worked hard with mental calculations, descriptive writing and timelines in history about the Industrial Revolution. We have finished the week with a nice calm activity making ourselves calm jars to have in...

Miss Phillips: Fri 23 Oct 3:47pm

What a great end to the first half term back at school! Everyone in school has worked ever so hard and adjusted to the new way of working very well. Base 1 have won the attendance this week with a fantastic 100%!! Blue team must have worked extra hard this week, as they managed to earn the most team points. A big well done to the children who're received an ACHIEVE award this week. The...

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