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21st June 2019 – by Mrs Holdsworth
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We have had a fabulous, active, healthy week in Base 1. We have been busy every day with something linked to our Health and Wellbeing week. On Monday we learnt about our drinking challenge, how many of you have managed to drink your 8 glasses of water each day this week? On Tuesday we all got to try something new in the morning, the reception children had a go at yoga with Shelley from Ministry of Yoga and Little Wrens tried some didi rugby with Zach's mum. Then Tuesday afternoon was sports day and the children did so well giving every race their best shot. On Wednesday morning we learnt some exercises with Jim to keep our bodies fit and healthy and make our hearts race a little bit, then in the afternoon the reception children took a trip to the doctors whilst the Little Wrens did some fruit and veg printing to make a matching game. On Thursday we all tasted the fruits from Handa's Surprise, I was so impressed with how brave everyone was, giving all of the different fruits a go! Finally on Friday we spent time preparing for our science share, we learnt that we should have 5 fruit and veg each stay to stay fit and well and we made some fruit sticks to share with our visitors. Thank you to everyone who was able to come and share our learning from the week, the children loved showing you all the different 'stations' in the classroom and telling you about their learning.

I hope you all have a lovely, sunny weekend.
Mrs Holdsworth

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