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We have had a fabulous first week back in Base 1! We have enjoyed welcoming new children into both reception and Little Wrens and it is lovely to see everyone getting along so well and exploring the new activities we have out in our classroom environment together.

We have spent the week exploring all things cold and icy!! We have experimented with ice and water beads, describing textures and working out how they are different from one another. We have also been explorers looking for the cold parts of the world using maps, atlases, books and the computer, we discovered that both Antarctica and the Arctic are white on the map because of all the snow there. In literacy we drew pictures and did some fabulous writing describing what we might be able to see, hear and feel in these cold places. We also read a story called Immi, about a little girl who lives in a very cold place and learnt that her home is called an igloo. After reading this, we used watercolours to carefully decorate our own igloo like Immi had done in the story, as well as building lots igloos big and small, indoors and outdoors!!

In maths we have all been very busy and learnt lots of new vocabulary all linked to subtraction (take away, less, fewer). We now have new maths groups and each group has been working on subtraction at a different level. Some children have been working on spotting when objects have been added to or taken away from a group, or if it stayed the same, whilst others have been working on finding one less from a group of objects. Some of the reception children have also had a go at recording these number sentences using the — and = signs. We will be continuing with this work this week.

I have been so impressed with how all of the children have come back to school this week, everybody is happy, settled and eager to learn. It is lovely to see. I hope you have all had a super weekend and are ready for another busy week!
Miss Pitchford

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