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2nd February 2018 – by Miss Pitchford
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We have had a brilliant week in Base 1, everyone is really enjoying our 'what would the world be like without books?' topic. In literacy we finally read to the end of our story and we were on the edges of our seats wanting to know if Nell would find out what had happened to all of the books in school. Thankfully she did, another mystery successfully solved for our detective dog. We learnt what it meant to review a book and after reading a few book reviews to help us understand how they should be written we planned and wrote our own book review for The Detective Dog. This included a character description, a brief overview of the plot and of course the all important 'star rating' which also seems to becoming a regular feature at the end of story time each day!

In maths Year 1 have been consolidating work on number bonds to 20, we are revisiting this everyday to try and ensure that these number facts are becoming automatic and the children can recall them quickly. We then moved onto subtraction within 20, working particularly on counting back when crossing ten. Reception have been working on addition, adding two groups together to find a total. They have also started to record their answers which is providing an extra chance to practise number formation. This week we have all particularly enjoyed some active maths games which have included sorting true and false number statements and travelling around the room with numbers or numicon to find a partner and make a number sentence.

We had some brilliant Geography lessons this week exploring all of the different types of books associated with learning about the world. The children were set the task to work out what kind of books were on their tables and what they were used for – we learnt all about maps, travel guides and atlases. The maps proved to be the most exciting thing when we discovered that fully unfolded on the floor they were bigger than most of the children. "THEY ARE HUGE," said Ethan. The children each chose which 'book' they thought was most interesting or useful and explained why. This week we have also spent time finishing off our non-fiction science books, adding the final touches to the illustrations and creating front covers.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!
Miss Pitchford

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