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We have had a lovely start to the year in Reception. The children have loved exploring and playing in their new classroom, in the outdoor area and riding on the bikes and scooters!

I have attached a few snapshots of the last few weeks for you to enioy.

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Miss Phillips: Fri 15 Oct 5:31pm

We have had a fantastic week in Base 4. We have enjoyed vocabulary building in English, exploring counting in multiples in maths, being researchers and designers in computing and composing in music. A very busy and enjoyable week. Enjoy your weekends and get plenty of...

: Fri 15 Oct 4:03pm

Well done to all our award winners this week. Today we also celebrated our Bikeability award winners. Well done to Base 3 for winning the attendance award and to Yellow team for winning the house point...

: Fri 15 Oct 3:58pm

What a wonderful treat we had this week. As part of Reaseheath's 100 year anniversary celebrations, we were invited to visit the college and take part in a special project. On this visit we learnt about their dairy; how cheese, butter and yogurts were made. We took a look at their kitchen and bakery and were in awe of the amazing cake decorations that the college student had made. Exploring...

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