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The children's learning has continued with Paddington at the Palace and moved into royal gardens and creating their own garden. They undertook lots of learning about the Queen: making crowns; appreciating different portraits of the Queen and then painting their own portrait of her; learning about coins and stamps (with the Queens head on) and role playing being at the palace as just a few examples.
They have now moved on to discovering Paddington in the garden where Paddington was offered a piece of the Brown's garden to create his own garden. The children have been investigating all sorts of seeds and have planted bean seeds to see what happens as a seed starts to grow. They have been learning about parts of a plant and have busily been making their own flowers, creating a garden for Buckingham Palace in Little Wrens and a garden display in Base 1, as well as looking after the garden in their outdoors area.
When the weather has been kind to us, the children have been out on the scooters, negotiating the climbing frame, balancing their way along the activity blocks and developing their catching skills.
They loved dressing up for our Story Celebration Day and have all painted themselves as a their book character. Bertie as the Stick Man; Laniakea as Mary Poppins; Rhys as Mr Boot. They wrote some wonderful sentences about the dressing up day and it is great to see them applying their Phonics. Georgie and Skyler were busy practising their writing and after Skyler had written her own name she used another coloured marker to add the sound buttons, explaining what she was doing to Ollie, Brodie and Oliver M, who then had a go! Lovely to see children leading the learning for their peers. Construction is a huge interest for a group of children. What great team work went into yesterday's construction led by Benjamin and Ollie! Imaginative play, yesterday, saw April setting up a hair salon; she knew exactly how to welcome the client, sit them down, put a towel around their shoulders, and have all her 'tools' set up ready to begin! She wasn't short of eager customers and children wanted to join her salon as stylists — it was magical to watch! Oh to be young! Thank you to Mrs Dopierala, Mrs Griffin and Mrs Agnew for providing such an engaging, safe and nurturing environment to play and learn! I can't wait to join them again!

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