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Each day away may feel a little harder so do keep in touch. Thank you for all the lovely messages that have come in today...

From Jenny, Frankie's mum...
So far we have been going on lots of bike rides, ladybird spotting in the garden and watching the tractors. Frankie is loving spending time with he sister Maisie as they watch Peppa Pig together :-) Our farming loving children will be wishing they were you Frankie, being able to watch the tractors in the field. Ladybird spotting sounds lovely...we didn't see any in the school grounds today, we'll have to have a closer look tomorrow.

From Sarah, Maisie and Oliver's mum...
Hello, hope you had a nice weekend? This morning Oliver has been reading and building cars, he loves his tools!
Maisie has completed a lot of the work set for her on Khan academy, she didn't even want to stop for a break! She has not used the laptop before so was very excited and wanted to send her very first email to you. Take care,
I loved ready Maisie's email to me earlier today — a nice surprise. Wow, Oliver, you're a great mechanic!

From Gemma, Sofia, Dom and Stanley's mum...
Good morning Mrs Cador, Especially for Mrs Dopierala.....Sofia reading and showing off her writing (although I don't think you can see what has written). It says 'dear Mrs D I miss you lots and lots'. The boys are keeping busy and have enjoyed their weekend off. They have been helping sawing wood for the fire to keep us all warm and have learnt to make spaghetti bolognese and a curry. Good survival skills. Best wishes to you and all the lovely teachers. Hope you are well. Mrs D will be really pleased with your reading and writing Sofia — she'll have a smile as big as yours!

From Lauren, Anna's mum...
Good afternoon All, We hope you're all well as we start our 2nd week of isolation. Our mood had taken a bit of a downward turn,lack of sunshine,long days are taking their toll. But.... we loved receiving our letter from Mrs D this morning, what a lovely thing to do. We are missing our school family lots and can't wait to see you all soon (hopefully).
Anna started her learning at breakfast time by making words from letters on the fridge....sadly we are missing a few vowels...can you guess what her second word was??
Lots of great words in your list Anna. let me think about the word with the missing vowels. I think it's the name of the very important lady that Paddington went to see at Buckingham Palace. Am I right, Anna?

From Sam, Ethan and Eleanor's mum..
Good afternoon. Today we have been having fun getting our stick man to float and dance. It took a few attempts but all four kids ( including the teenagers) enjoyed it. All that's needed is a plate/ bowl, a white board marker and some water. We have also been dancing around to some Disney songs great fun and a way of getting some exercise. I watched the video clip of the dancing stick man! Impressive — I'll have a go tomorrow in school to see it works for me.

From Stephanie, Laura's mum...
I hope you are all well. We have been busy and Laura is very happy. She loves doing school work and we have been doing a lot of crafting. She also had her first chickens and is learning to help looking after them. Her favourite task in the morning is to get the eggs and feed the chickens. With the sun being out we have been busy in the greenhouse and Laura has learnt to grow plants from seeds and has been excited to see little plants grow and getting her hands dirty and replant them. Kind regards Lots of lovely photos to catch up with Laura. One of my favourite tasks is feeding my chickens too Laura...but I can't always find their eggs — they like to lay them in secret places around my garden, even on top of the garden wall!

Alan, Laniakea's dad shared some lovely photos. How kind of the children to make rainbows — they do bring a smile — and yours will bring lots too Laniakea.

and finally, from Natalie and Tracy, Ollie and Alesha's mums...
Hi. To start our second week of isolation we began with being tortured by Joe Wicks. (me too!) Ollie and Alesha then painted rainbows to put in the window for one of our neighbours who kindly left some arts and crafts supplies on our doorstep on Friday. Alesha then wrote a lovely letter to her classmate Eben whilst Ollie researched what plants and materials he will need to attract toads to the pond we recently built together. They then both made cards to send to their nanny Barbie and some of nannies friends. Running out to get them posted before the post is collected.
This afternoon Alesha has helped Nat to make homemade burgers for our tea whilst myself and Ollie began reading The Wind in the Willows together. Hope you're all well and are having a lovely day
. So many kind acts — letter writing to friends and nannies — and gifts from the neighbour. Ollie, you'll have to let us know how to attract toads to our school pond when you've found out. We do have frogs. Will frogs and toads share a pond I wonder?

Anyway...I think that's our catch-up for today. Lovely to see some new faces and families joining in as well as catching up with regular contributors...keep spreading the word to join us (and not the germs!) Take care and stay safe. Bessa Cador

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