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On Monday 20th May Little Wrens celebrated World Bee Day. This led our learning! We have been pollinators, filled our honey tummy's with nectar and performed the waggle dance!

A huge thank you to Wiktor and his family for letting us taste your harvested honey, we all thought it was delicious and even enjoyed spreading it on our toast at snack time — yummy! They also gave us some pollen to taste which we all tasted. It didn't get such glowing reports and to quote Mabel it was "gross!" We were introduced to new language, including, pollen, pollination, nectar, hive, anthers, colony, waggle dance and pollen baskets. We shared a variety of information books and watched clips on the interactive whiteboard to develop our understanding of the words. Then, building upon our new found knowledge, we have been asking and answering lots of questions. I think you could say that we are as clever as a bee! We also enjoyed many bee themed activities across the week.

Thank you for a buzzing week Little Wrens
Miss Gregory

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