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Today Year 5 and 6 visited Nantwich Museum to learn about the history of Nantwich and to conduct a Science experiment on the River Weaver.

We began the day by taking part in workshops looking at different Tudor relics and dressing in different Tudor and Victorian clothing. We also got to explore the Museum by taking part in a quiz that introduced us to the history of Nantwich and we got to study some local artefacts.

After this we went out into the glorious sunshine for a whistle-stop tour of the local area. Starting at the Museum we looked at lots of different buildings, artefacts and sculptures that are placed in various places around Nantwich. Next time you are in the town ask us to point them out! We finished up by the River Weaver and had a lovely picnic in the park before ending the tour along the river with some scientists from Keele University who helped us take a water sample.

Having brought the sample back to the Museum, we donned our lab coats and carried out lots of different tests on our water sample using lots of high tech equipment! These results are going to be collated by Keele and will be published as part of their research journal into the River Weaver.

Mrs Francis, Mrs Clarke and I were very proud of all of you and we love it when we hear comments from others about how hard you work and how well behaved you all were.

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