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As always we have had a busy week in Base 3, with each child showing an excellent attitude towards their learning whilst also enjoying it.

In Literacy we have learnt a wide range of new vocabulary and concepts from just a 3 minute video all about volcanoes. We started the week by matching some technical vocabulary to their definitions, there was a lot of discussion about what the different words could be. We learnt a lot of definitions including magma, lava, flank, crater, parasitic cones and even Mrs Cador learnt the difference between magma and lava. We followed this by watching a video and taking notes about how volcanoes are formed, the structure of a volcano, volcanic eruptions and the impact of volcanic eruptions. We used bullet points, always remembering to use capital letters too! We also identified the features of information texts, ready to start writing our own information texts all about volcanoesw

In Maths, we have put our brains to the test with multiplication and division. We have been looking at ways of representing multiplication and found it can be shown as a repeated addition and in an array. Some of us worked on finding relationships between different times tables. Next week we are continuing with learning times tables and we will then be applying these to missing digit questions and problems.

We finished off our writing about how to make our volcanoes, we then got to back our writing with nice paper ready to be put into our topic books. We focused on neat presentation and cutting carefully.

As it was our harvest service ths week, we spent a bit of time discussing harvest and creating our letters which link to what harvest is all about. It was a lovely service and the children all did extremely well with the readings and singing!

Mrs Griffin has been working with children throughout the week to generate adjectives and descriptive phrases to be placed around a fantastic art work displayed outside of our classroom.

Times tables MUST be learnt every week! Spellings MUST also be learnt and homework completed on time please.

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