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A warm welcome

"Wrenbury Primary School is a lovely, caring and friendly school and I feel very privileged to be its Head teacher. As we start the 2019-20 academic year, the school has grown to 122 children and also hosts Little Wrens, our provision for 3-4 year olds as part of our EYFS offer, and also provides wrap around term-time care with our own before and after school club The Nest.

Professionally, I come to Wrenbury with 30 years experience of teaching, (if I include my training) in a wide range of schools: rural, church schools, a school in Oldham with 95% Bengali/ Muslim children, the largest primary school in Cheshire and a large inner city in Birmingham. I had, prior to my headship, been a full-time teacher and deputy head for sixteen years at Wybunbury Delves.

Wrenbury has a team of dedicated teachers and teaching assistants, and support staff. We are fortunate to have a number of staff who know the school, its families and our community very well. At the same time we have some new staff, who are bringing their wider experience and their enthusiasm for sharing and learning to the school. We aim to offer high quality teaching and learning and enriched opportunities. I want your child to be inspired to work hard, be curious about the world around them, ask questions, seek answers and solutions, develop their independence and sense of responsibility and have the aspiration to succeed and meet their full potential academically — to have a genuine love of learning. Yet this is only one part of school.

Personally, school should be an extension of the home, where every child should feel safe and secure and above all loved for being a special and unique individual. I am passionate about making a positive difference for every child at Wrenbury. It is also essential to me that your child is nurtured socially and emotionally, feels valued for being who they are and knows how they can make a positive contribution in our school and community with confidence! Above all, they need to know that not only do they matter but everyone matters!

Wrenbury Primary School is a partnership: your children, you as parents, the staff (teaching and non-teaching), the governors and the local community. We can all make a difference in working together to ensure Wrenbury Primary School is an exciting, happy, safe and successful place to grow, learn and flourish."

Inspire...Aspire...ACHIEVE at Wrenbury Primary School...where we all matter!

Mrs Bessa Cador (Head-teacher)

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