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Mrs Clarke, supported by Mrs Cador, is our RE Subject Lead.

At Wrenbury Primary School, Religious Education is an important part of the school curriculum and is taught relevant to the child's stage of development and experience. We seek to provide a clearer idea of what religion is about, the importance that it plays in many people's lives and how that faith is expressed in their
daily lives and routines.

Our aims in the teaching of RE are:

  • That all children form their own opinions about religious beliefs and customs and that they develop an
    understanding and tolerance of people who hold a strong faith.
  • That children enjoy learning about religion because it is taught in a stimulating and interesting way that arouses their curiosity and develops positive skills and attitudes.
  • That children develop a sense of awe and wonder about the world around them.
  • To help pupils understand some of the impact of religion throughout the world, its influences on the lives of individuals and communities and its effect on the cultural diversity of their own and other societies both presently and in the past.
  • To support pupil's spiritual, moral social and cultural development by encouraging self awareness and self respect.
  • To help pupils develop their social and moral development by encouraging a positive attitude and valuing the beliefs of others, however different from their own.
  • To develop knowledge and understanding of Christian and other major religion in Britain as a whole and in the local community.

    Teaching and Learning
    RE is taught mainly as a discrete subject at Wrenbury Primary School. However, there are times when RE is woven into the school's cross-curricular Learning Journey planning.
    In EYFS, children are taught RE through the area of Knowledge and Understanding of The World. The Foundation Stage (and KS1) forms the basis of children's future understanding and therefore should begin with children's own experiences and feelings, particularly around 'special times, people, places and objects/symbols'. Many opportunities are given for thinking, talking, listening and responding to others respectfully. Much emphasis is placed on valuing and caring for other people in our local community and also for children to relate their understanding to a wider/global community.

    In KS1 and KS2, RE is taught discretely in half termly units focusing on the following concepts through the main religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam or occasionally as part of a cross-curricular approach e.g. through PSHE, history, geography, art or as part of a focus day or period of time e.g. Christmas and Easter. In KS2, similar opportunities are offered to those in EYFS and KS1 and children are encouraged to openly discuss their understanding, opinions and attitudes about religion. They are given time to reflect on what the religious ideas and concepts mean to them and promote their own spiritual growth and development.

    The teaching of RE in KS1 and 2 is taught through the following concepts:

  • Beliefs, teachings and sources
  • Identity, diversity and belonging
  • Values and commitments
  • Meaning, purpose and truth
  • Practices and ways of life
  • Expressing meaning

    The teaching is initiated with a 'Big' question that promotes the learning of the half termly concept. A variety of teaching methods are used to teach RE at Wrenbury Primary School including role play/drama, stories, music, video, research, objects and artefacts . Visitors to school are encouraged to give children the opportunity to listen to and ask questions about another person's experiences of living/celebrating through different faiths. Children also visit St Margaret's Church in the village and Broomhall Chapel.

    Whilst Collective Worship is separate to the teaching of RE, Collective Worship may be used to enhance the RE curriculum.

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