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Sports Premium

The Government provides 'substantial primary school sport funding'. This funding is jointly provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport, and sees money going directly to primary school head teachers to spend on improving the quality of sport and PE for all their children. The sport funding can only be spent on sport and PE provision in schools. Primary schools receive £8,000 plus £5 a child.

Purpose of funding

It is up to schools to determine how best to use this additional funding.

How we spent the Sports Funding 2016-17 and who benefitted?

  • Buying in sports coaches to deliver higher level skills teaching and learning to Years 4, 5 and 6, support participation in Townsports Field and Track competition (24+ primary schools) for second time, with greater sporting success and set up Change for Life club.
  • Employ specialist PE coaches or qualified coaches to work alongside teachers in lessons to increase their subject knowledge, confidence and competence in delivering high quality PE.
  • Employ PE specialist as school's PE Coordinator (subject lead) to coordinate PE across school YR-Y6, liaise with CNSSP coordinator for school's involvement in inter-school competitions across age ranges and academic year, attend CNSSP meetings, coordinate PE clubs and teams for competitions.
  • Purchase Amaven App to support high quality teaching, learning and outcomes for all children
  • CNSSP subscription
  • Hire of Nantwich Swimming Pool and cover cost of swimming instructors for swimming lessons for Y3-6.
  • 'Maths of the day' — maths lessons involving physical activity

School achievements:
Sainsbury's School Games Gold Award 2016-7
Cricket County Finalists July 17

Townsports June 17
In our 2nd year, participating as a shared small school team in Group C, we came:
Group C Track and Field: 2nd place overall winners
Group C Track: 2nd place overall winners
Group C Y3 team: 1st place
Group C Y4 team: 1st place
Group C Y6 team: 2nd place
Team's track and field results with particular achievements from the Wrenbury pupils:
1st place Y6 boys long jump -- 3.45m
1st place Y6 boys hurdle
1st place Y4 girls relay
1st place Y3 girls relay
1st place Y4 boys beanbag
1st place Y3 girls hurdles
2nd place Y4 boys relay
2nd place Y6 boys beanbag
2nd place Y6 girls beanbag
2nd place Y6 boys relay
3rd place Y3 boys relay
3rd place Y6 boys sprint
3rd place Y6 girls hurdles
4th place Y5 boys relay
Trophy 75 Football competition winners (14 school teams participating)

% of children having participated in at least 1 external competition
Key stage 2 81%
Key stage 2 boys 80%
Key Stage 2 girls 81%
Year 6 100%
Year 5 60%
Year 4 57%
Year 3 92%
SEN 88%
Pupil Premium 89%

Sainsbury's School Games Silver Award 2015-16
Townsport Track and Field race winners June 2016
Cricket tournament winners.
Crewe and Nantwich Schools Boccia tournament — Team 1 Group winners (and trophy) October 2015
Crewe and Nantwich Tag Rugby Y5/6 competition — Group winners and semi-finalists October 2015

Sainsbury's School Games Bronze Award 2014-15
Girls Football Team — semi-finalists — English Girls FA Cup Spring 2015
Girls Kwik Cricket Cheshire — Finalists — July 2015
Crewe and Nantwich Schools Girls Kwik Cricket tournament — winners — June 2015
Sainsbury's School Games Silver Award 2013-14
Swimming Gala — Summer 2015 — 3rd place in small schools competition
Basketball tournament — 2nd Place -February 2015

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